The aim of the HEET II project is to improve labor standards of miners and energy safety in the mines. Four main issues to realize in the project:

  • single-wire energy transmission,
  • wireless energy transmission, monitoring,
  • management and communication,
  • integrated composite monorail route)

definitely  provide an innovative solution for a highly efficient and safe electricity transmission system. The newly developed and implemented components, in the HEET II, will improve safety by minimizing electric shock hazard and by increasing reliability of the electricity network, as well as provide the reduction of energy costs and to improve energy safety in mines.

These goals will be achieved by:

  • development of technical assumptions – including material, energy, communication, utility, legal and normative requirements,
  • development of a wireless energy transmission system – with special focus on the environment of deep mines,
  • development of a single-wire power transmission system – with special attention on range and transmission safety,
  • development of an environment, machine and route monitoring system as well as data transmission system – through integration with a suspended route,
  • development of an innovative suspended train route – by using modern materials,
  • research and tests – with particular consideration of the hazards occurring in mining roadways
  • development of assumptions relating to safe implementation and operation of systems being the subject of the HEET II project